Rug-Ed for the holidays

This post is sponsored by Rug-Ed. All Opinions are honest and my own.


Every year when it comes to gifts we always try to come up with some practical options a long with the mile long list kids have for themselves (well so far just Ber but i’m sure Ev wont be far behind). Since they get stuff constantly though out the year due to my blogging career, we like to keep it simple for Christmas and keep the main focus on the holiday. I’ve definitely gone overboard in the past and it all becomes too much with their birthday’s so close to the holidays.

This year we are trying a new strategy that is; something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. That mixed in with Santa and the gifts everyone else is getting them is more than enough. If you do gifts in a similar fashion or are looking for gift ideas that aren’t all toys, the Rug-Ed ProLOCK case for iPads is perfect! We have absolutely loved ours and it’s so necessary with Berit being the primary iPad user in our household. Since she is always hauling it along for long car rides from family events to cabin trips, and leaving it places like on the floor, the end of her bed, the edge of a table, and countless other spots that it could get knocked, stepped on or destroyed, it’s no question that we need a heavy duty case that’s designed to protect it from wear and tear. Not to mention the best part about the ProLOCK case, in my opinon, is that it locks the iPad into the case so you don’t have to worry about your kids removing it and risking it getting ruined or damaged.


Another feature I absolutely love about the proLOCK case is the stand on the back. On the weekends we let Berit watch a movie in bed before she falls asleep and the stand allows her to easily view it from her nightstand without having to prop it up and risk knocking anything else over. It also allows her to comfortably view the screen.

If you’re interested in getting a ProLOCK case for your kiddos or even for personal use, you definitely can’t go wrong, they even have iPhone cases! They have some great deals right now for the holidays including $25 ProLOCK cases today through Christmas with code: Holiday25!