DockATot Grand

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


When we first got pregnant I knew there were some must have baby gadgets that I would want this time around that I didn’t have with my first baby. One of the items that was constantly topping the “must have baby essentials” lists was the DockATot. We started out with the DockATot deluxe and Evie absolutely loved it! You can read my full review on it, HERE. Now that she is seven months old, she has almost out grown her deluxe and we knew immediately we wanted to upgrade to the Grand. The DockATot Grand is the larger sleeping dock that accommodates children nine months to four plus years.


Since our master bedroom is on a different floor from the girls’ rooms, Evie is currently still sleeping in our room. The DockaTot Grand is perfect for this. We knew we wanted a sleeping accommodation that kept her sleeping flat but would not be a large, permanent piece like a crib. She sleeps in the DockATot Grand on the floor right next to our bed. It’s the cutest thing ever because she always sleeps with her little leg propped up on the side. In the morning when she wakes up, we move the DockATOt up onto our bed in between us so she can hang out for a bit while we try to catch a few more minutes of sleep.


Not only is the DockATot convenient for our current sleeping arrangement but it’s also very easy to transport. We bring it everywhere from the cabin to our parent’s house when the girls have sleepovers. This makes bed time in a different place SO much easier because she already feels comfortable, secure and familiar with her bed.

We also use our DockATot around the house all the time. Evie loves to hang out in it in the family room while playing next to big sissy. I love that this keeps her and her toys contained and off the ground, plus she has the bumpers for when she’ll evitably throw herself backwards. It also creates separation between her and Berit’s toys so she’s less likely to get a hold of smaller pieces.


Another benefit to the DockATot Grand, is that even though we are a long way off from transitioning her to a big girl bed, when we eventually get to that point, this will also make that transition much smoother.

We are so happy with DockATot Grand and I totally understand why it is always on the “must haves” lists. It’s definitely an item at the top of ours too. You can shop all the DockATots HERE.