Rockets of Awesome Review

This product was gifted to me in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are my own.

Today I want to share with you guys a new subscription that service that we recently tried and loved! You may be aware by now that one of the latest trends is services where you can pay someone to literally do a lot of the hard work for you. Whether that’s through pre-made meals or even shopping for clothes! I had heard about online services that would do the shopping for you and send clothes to you based on your personal style so you didn’t even need to step foot in a mall but I had no idea that there were also companies that offered these services for your kids! Now, I love shopping for my girls, maybe even a little too much but I can also spend hours upon hours searching online to find them the cutest stuff. And while I do love online shopping, it can be extremely time consuming and overwhelming. So I partnered with Rockets of Awesome to try their service and see what the hype was all about. I love that they send out quarterly boxes so you can get new goodies at the beginning of each season or skip a box if you don’t need it at the time. 


When you first sign up for their service you take a style quiz that lets them get to know your child’s personal style and preferences better. They asked questions about what colors and patterns your kid likes and what style clothes they prefer to wear.

Once you’ve taken the style quiz, a “rocket scientist” as they call themselves (how cute is that?!) picks out pieces based on the information you provided in the style quiz. Then they send you a preview so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting in your box and replace it if needed. I’m not going to lie, when I first saw our box preview I was not keen on a few of the items. They were cute, but definitely not something my daughter would wear. However, I was able to replace them with other items I got to pick out and when the box actually arrived, we ended up keeping everything! What I really like about Rockets of Awesome is their exceptional customer service. They were very easy to work with and wanted to make sure we would love everything in our box and helped accommodate that.

Here's a look at what came in Berit's box:( coupon code below)

Berit was thrilled that she got a package just for herself and had a blast opening her box when it arrived! I was really impressed with the quality of the clothing and she loved the bright colors (and that the shorts had pockets haha).


The best part is, if you decide to keep everything in your box, you can get up to 25% off everything! PLUS You can use my code: LAUREN to get an extra $20 off your first box through the end of June! you can get started with your first box HERE


If you’ve been looking for an easy and fun way to shop for your kid’s clothes then you should definitely give Rockets of Awesome a shot! If you end up not liking your first box they will refund you the $20 service fee and you can return everything so there’s no risk involved!


Check out Ber's favorite looks below!