Preventative Botox with Ideal Image

This post is in partnership with Ideal Image.

I know, I know, you read the title and the first question you have is why? I’m 28 years old and virtually wrinkle free but yet I got Botox. For me it was simple: to prevent my skin from wrinkling in the future and to keep it youthful. A few years ago I had some friends get Botox and at the time I thought they were crazy.  Then last year I started to entertain the idea. It turns out, when I asked you about it on my Instagram stories, not only had a number of you already gotten Botox, but many of you also replied saying you were interested in getting it too. It’s nice to see that its becoming less taboo and more mainstream. I decided to go to Ideal Image for my treatments because I heard great things about their staff and services.

Let me start by saying, the experience I had with Ideal Image was fantastic. From my consultation to the actual procedure and the follow up appointment, everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. Going into an experience like this can be very intimidating when you don’t know a lot about it and how it will affect your body. When I first went in for my consultation, I filled out a heath survey to ensure I was compatible for the Botox.  They asked things about medications I was taking, how my skin is affected by sun, if I was pregnant or had had surgery recently. They also thoroughly explained the process and did a great job answering all of my questions (see below for my questions and answers) and I set up my appointment for the following week. Then a nurse came in to quickly evaluate my face and determine how many units of Botox that would need.  They suggested 34 units total, 14 on the frontalis (my forehead) and 20 for my glabella (in between my eyebrows). You can also get Botox around your eyes, for your crows feet but that isn't something I need at this time.


When I went in for my appointment it only took about 10-15 min which was great. I was so worried that it would hurt because I really don't like needles; however, it was virtually painless.  I just felt a few pinches when they did the area between my brows. Everyone administering the Botox at Ideal Image is a certified nurse so that made me feel much more comfortable. The nurse was careful to explain all of the aftercare and what not to do to get the best results. They also took before and after pictures so that we could monitor the results.  They said that when I came back for my follow up appointment in two weeks, if I decided I wanted more in certain areas I could do it at that time.  However, they did not want to “freeze my face” which I appreciated. To be honest, that was one of my biggest fears, that my face would look like I had work done; however, Ideal Image wants their client results to be natural (unless the client requests otherwise) so that put my mind at ease.

Immediately after getting my Botox injections

Immediately after getting my Botox injections

My follow up appointment was super quick. They took the after pictures, made sure I was satisfied with the results and had me on my way!

Without question, I will be going back to Ideal Image to maintain my Botox.  At this point we’ll see how long my injections last because its different for everyone (average is 3-4 months).  I will probably go back every 6-12 months since I am doing it for preventive measures.


Ideal Image also said that gradually you could need fewer and fewer injections because Botox trains your muscles. 


What are the benefits of Botox besides reducing/preventing wrinkles? There are other benefits to getting Botox like reducing sweating and migraine prevention but Ideal Image does strictly cosmetic Botox.

How much does it cost? how much do you need? Currently Ideal Image is offering Botox at $10 a unit. To give you an idea, I had 30 units; 14 across my forehead (frontalis) and 16 in between my brows (glabella). The amount will vary per person so they will let you know how many units they’d recommend when you go in for your free consultation. 

How often do you need to get more? The average longevity of Botox is 3-4 months. However since I’m getting mine for preventative measures I will probably only go in every 6 months. It’s completely a personal preference.

Does it hurt? I was really worried about this because I do NOT handle pain well or like needles. It was not bad at all! I barely even felt the ones across my forehead and the ones in between my brows just felt like getting a novacane shot, a little pinch and sting but nothing unbearable.

What is the after care like? I really loved Ideal Image because they did a great job at explaining the after care to me. I have had friends who have gotten Botox and the aftercare information was not explained to them.  They will of course go over this information with you at your appointment but some of the main takeaways for me included no laying down for at least 4 hours after, no pain medication besides Tylenol, no working out, or being in steam. Basically you don’t want to do anything that would cause a rush of blood flow to your face because it could displace the Botox.

If you have any questions that I did not cover in this post, feel free to reach out and ask; I'm an open book